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For almost 800 years the town of Monghidoro, also known as Scaricalasino (Schirgalàsen in local dialect) was an important stop-over point between the Po Valley and Central Italy.

Situated on the bolognese Apennine mountains roughly halfway between Bologna and Florence,  over the centuries the town has been the required resting place of merchants, Lords, Princes, Popes, Emperors, writers, scientists and adventurers, who during their travels found shelter in country inns or were guests at the olivetani Abbey of San Michele at Alpes.

The most significant events related to the town and its territory are brought to the general public with the project "MONGHIDORO: CROSSWAY TO EUROPE" designed by Giordano Berti and implemented by ArtStudioLetizia, in collaboration with the municipal administration of Monghidoro.

 "THE STONES OF HISTORY", is a series of works of art permanently fixed on the squares and streets of the ancient village of Monghidoro intended as one of the main communication tools to aid the project "Monghidoro: crossway of Europe"; this will develop over time, enriching each year with past episodes set in the "Stones of History" and with other cultural and artistic moments.




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